Bagged Water Packaging Service provider Liquibox Packaging

Whether it is infrastructure challenges, a natural disaster or a replacement for tap, people need safe, practical and sustainable packaging for water. Our bag-in-box, pouch and bottle offerings keep your water fresh and clean from filling to dispensing. Liquibox offers packaging solutions for still drinking water as well as alternative water products such as coconut, aloe, birch, flavored or infused waters.

Bags & films for water

Water requires the highest levels of preservation with packaging that is free from off-flavors or odors. To protect the quality of your water, we offer a wide range of durable film technologies including specially designed clear and metalized laminates yielding superior freshness for packaged water. In addition, we have a water film that contains no polyester to improve recyclability. These designs are optimized to prevent any off-tastes from the outside world.

New! We now offer our award-winning recycle-ready Liquipure® ultra flexible packaging for water, along with e-commerce packaging solutions.

Liquibox offers a wide range of bag sizes from 1L (0.25G) to 20L (5G) as well as customizable options.

Ideal alternative for water coolers and home & office delivery (HOD)

Bagged Water Packaging Service provider  Liquibox Packaging

Waterspout water refill system

Bag-in-box is a practical, more sustainable replacement for PET / PE returnable water cooler bottles. Waterspout, an FPA award-winning specialized bag-in-box refill system for home and office water coolers, is our latest innovative solution for the growing bag-in-box water market.

Compared to rigid bottles, one-way bag-in-box eliminates the need to transport, clean and store empties, reducing warehouse space and the number of trucks on the road. Waterspout is designed for bottom-load dispensers and utilizes our patent-pending bags with our user-friendly Encore fitment and screw-on connecting system.

Line-side connectors & dispensing taps for water

Our dispensing taps for bag-in-box water provide excellent oxygen barrier, good directional flow and ergonomic designs for easy and convenient dispensing by the consumer.

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